Workplace & Employment Law

Our office handles all manner of workplace and industrial issues. This extends to not just unfair dismissal, or bullying and harassment, it includes discrimination, workplace investigations, post employment restraints, and many other areas.

It is important that you don’t wait until it’s too late to obtain advice on your workplace issue.

Often we find ourselves in employment situations that don’t make us comfortable and are detrimental to our mental health.

Sometimes we just don’t ‘click’ with the team, the culture of the workplace may not quite be the right fit, or there are just general workplace hostilities that cannot be resolved.

For many of us, we need our job to make ends meet and the thought of rocking the boat, or losing our job can be terrifying. Employees are often fearful of what they think their employer can do and often are not aware of their rights in the workplace.

There are very strict time limits for certain employment claims that can see you lose your entitlements if you miss the limitation.

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