Work Injuries

If you are a worker who is injured in Queensland as a result of your work duties, you will likely be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

The insurer will vary depending on your employer, but is usually WorkCover Queensland.

There are two distinct arms of workers’ compensation insurance in Queensland being statutory claims and common law claims.

Statutory Claims

A statutory claim will cover your wages and rehabilitation in the immediate aftermath of your injury. You, your employer and the insurer all have rights and responsibilities in relation to your treatment and rehabilitation. There are time limits in which to lodge your statutory claim and we are happy to talk you through the process and what to expect when under a claims management process.

Common Law

If your injury was not your fault, and you can establish that someone else caused or contributed to your injury, then you may be able to pursue a common law claim. These claims aim to compensate you for pain and suffering, past and future loss of earnings, any medical treatment you may require into the future and any care you may need. Each claim is paid on its own circumstances and we encourage you to speak with us so that we can explain your options.

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