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Personal Injury Lawyers in Cairns
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Locally Owned & Operated

Far North Injury Lawyers are a locally owned, boutique law practice.

We practice in all manner of injury claims such as:

CTP & Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
Work Injury Claims
Public Liability Claims
TPD & Superannuation Insurance Claims

We service the entire Far North from the tip of the Cape down to Townsville and surrounds.

Our client’s are both local and those who have visited our region. Technology allows us to service client’s no matter where they are.

Far North Injury Lawyers was born out of a desire to help those who need it after suffering an injury with a minimum of fuss and at the maximum value to our clients.

How we Came to Be

We offer no nonsense, best value advice and service.

Our Principal Lawyer launched Far North Injury Lawyers to provide the Far North community with an alternate option to ‘big law’. Boutique practices are flourishing in the South East corner of Queensland offering another choice for injured claimants, however there just wasn’t the same choice in the north of the State and the opportunity to offer locals with an alternative was seized.

With ‘big law’ comes big everything such as big fee structures, multiple staff handling claims including junior staff, big targets and general big business.

We have aimed to strip that back, and focus on the heart of what we do – helping those who have been injured in a caring, cost effective and personal way.


Work Injuries

Road Injuries

​Injuries in Public Places

Workplace & Employment Law

Total & Permanent Disability

Personalised Service

Our guarantee to you is that your claim will always be conducted and overseen by our Principal Lawyer.

Our team works closely together to ensure that you are provided with the best possible service at all times.

We have invested in client care programs to ensure that you are kept informed of the progress of your claim, even in times where we need to wait either for you to complete your rehabilitation, or waiting for the next stage.

Each and every one of our clients has a personalised file strategy specific to the circumstances of their claim.

No Hidden Fees

Every firm has it’s own fee structure and way of charging.

Legislation in Queensland allows firms to charge an uplift of up to 25% on top of your professional fees to compensate them for the risk taken in running your file. Other firms include a further “care and consideration” fee, of up to 25%. Both of these amounts are on top of their high hourly rates. 

Whilst the law requires firms to explain these charges within their client agreements, it is often the case that the client agreements are so long and complex it is easy to get lost in the document and not realise the true cost of the service you are signing up for.

Far North Injury Lawyers will only charge an uplift if it is clear the matter is complex, most of our clients do not incur an uplift. We do not charge a care and consideration fee, and our hourly rates are cheaper than our main competitors.

The law also requires firms to cap their fees (regardless of any other charges) to a maximum of 50% of the net settlement amount. At Far North Injury Lawyers, we consider this still to be too much and we cap our fees at 40%.

This guarantees you will receive the majority of your net settlement monies.

A locally owned and operated law firm committed to achieving a fair and just outcome for all our clients

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